Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Worked late last night and all day today into the night. Very exciting!

I just remembered something. The other day a woman that I have gotten to know from my store told me that she will die soon. She has Pancreatic Cancer and her doctor gave her two and a half years to live two years ago. I felt really touched that she shared this with me. She is a painter who has had a bit of success actually and I look at her totally differently now. Before I noticed her paint stained hands and wondered why she didn't take better care of herself. Now I realize she doesn't have time to worry about these things she is on a mission to do what she feels is her last work. Also dealing with getting her estate in order trying to get a gallery to handle things. I've admired her and have been touched that she talks to me as I didn't expect that when we first met a year ago. I thought she would keep her distance and maybe be hot and cold. Well never she actually became more friendly as time went on. Just small talk I would inquire about painting how it was going and that was it. The other day took me by surprise. You never know what is going on in someones life. I'll say a little prayer for her. And in her honor get to work today. It really is true that we don't really know what we have till we are reminded how fleeting it all is.

Hello. Yes today is a gift as I thought I was scheduled to work my store. A little slow to start but it's going to be a productive day. Plan to work the shit out. Also exercise in between working on my middle which over the winter has grown a bit. Anyway that is what fifty-two is all about. Working it out, looking in the mirror, taking it in, loving yourself flaws and all. Embracing the way skin changes from twenty to fifty....what seems like overnight. Anyway it's all good. We have to work with what we have and for some unknown reason I've been dealt an okay hand so get over your ass and enjoy.

I found a piece of paper while cleaning up the road today it was a child's drawing mostly red and scribbles but definitely an idea brewing so I decided that if I was someone else it could be a new body of work but not today it's just a sweet drawing that made me smile....what more can we hope for?


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