Monday, March 26, 2012

Everyday really is a gift at the risk of sounding soft in the head.

Hello. This painting which I embrace after a long fight does not look like this any more. There is a group of four and they are all different but that is the risk. It's all fleeting. Anyway more importantly something happened to me yesterday something amazing actually. But before I get to that beautiful, sad story I wish to complain about the weather. It was amazing all winter actually with little snow to speak of just all around mild weather for New York. But now after the high seventies over the weekend it is cold and I'm over it. That is all.

So while working at my store I have made some store friends. One who is very special is a painter a local woman who has had a bit of a career. She was contemporary of Schnabel, Fischl, Salle those guys. So she comes in a couple of times a week and chats briefly and I have grown to like her right away actually. Initially she scared me as one of those that might be hot and cold so I kept my guard up a little. But I discovered she became more friendly each time not over the top mind you, just talking about small talk. I try to totally respect peoples privacy. Anyway, she proved to be funny and I realized that she had a very sweet side. 

So yesterday when she came in and we spoke briefly something was said about work. I often inquire about how work is going. She always has paint stained fingers. Always. Anyway yesterday I might have asked how things were going and she responded that she is getting close to finishing this group and it is important as she is going to die soon. Well how do you respond to that. I might have said,  Really.  Anyway shes said she has the bad cancer, Pancreatic. Her doctor told her that she had two years to live two and a half years ago so she feels time is precious needless-to-say.  She is trying to get a gallery to deal with her estate and a bit anxious about this. 

I told her as she was leaving that I was grateful that she shared this with me and if there was anything that I could do to make things easier to let me know. I would truly love to help is whatever way a selfish artist like me is able to. Trips to the city to handle things that she might not be up for moving something who knows. How incredible right? You never know. She is sixty-one and said she was terrified of dying. I can only imagine the feelings quite frankly. It gives me new hope for working knowing how fortunate I am. It is a responsibility to those less fortunate with time to work as much as possible. I wish I could post her name but it is not appropriate at this time. she is a spitfire and I will dedicate work to her. 

It's amazing how someone can touch you in spite of how little you know them.

Thank you!

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