Friday, February 3, 2012

In the studio fighting the urge to do nothing.

Hello. Yes I did some work for an hour and a half earlier, broke for an early dinner and now back in the studio. Trying hard to get out of my way - to make paintings that are not easy for me. As always feels like exploring new territory all the time. Maybe one day that will be comforting, can only hope. 

While eating I watched a show which I am embarrassed to admit, Anderson as in Cooper. He is fine it's just the idea of any of those shows makes me bored. Yesterday because I was also watching for the first time mind you (because  a friend was in the audience) I noticed that Drew Barrymore was going to be his guest so I tuned in. I like Drew. Anyway she is sweet and said something that really resonated which was, in the morning when we rise we choose how we are going to feel. We can choose to feel happy or sad. No one or thing is perfect this we know but we can decide if we are going to be happy. Ride the bumps along the way, figure out how to be reminded during the day and try to be happy. 

I am so in my head all the time that this is a huge task for me. Some of us by nature of what happens early on can be very serious people and that's me. I walk around like the world is on my shoulders and at fifty-two teaching an old dog is a challenge. I haven't figured it out yet. All the notes in the world are not always enough. With all of this said I am going to enjoy this cup of coffee and get to work.

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