Sunday, February 5, 2012

So it's a big day for football fans.

 This is a new painting of mine that I am especially pleased with. This is the direction I wish to go.

Hello. Of which I am not. Its not that I dislike the game I just don't care. The following is very personal, I make no apologies as this is my blog and my views. There was a time when I wrote my views in a journal that no one would see but those days are gone. Maybe this is not the best development but there it is. Proceed with caution.

Anyway what I do care about is the tone between the two political parties and how it just goes from bad to worse. I don't feel there is any going back with the current climate. It is us and them, it is very basic, this is what I mean. The Democratic party and their policies are for the people and the GOP's policies are about desertion and control at the same time. They stand for less government well that's fine but who will take care of the poor, elderly and all those in between. Their attitude is let them take care of themselves. To me that's DESERTION.  At the same time they want to take away basic rights that we have fought for and enact other laws that make it very tough for basic things like voting. Some Republican politicians will stop at nothing to take back the White House. And that means making it tough for the elderly and the poor to exercise their right to vote by forcing them to buy a new voter i.d. card. How did we get to be this way? When did we lose our conscience.

Another thing I feel strongly about is Pro-Choice. It is very simple it is a CHOICE. No one is forcing anyone to have an abortion. It goes back to what I was saying about control - they want to control women's reproductive rights, that will never change as long as there is religion. I understand people's views are very important but I draw the line at someone telling someone else what to do with their body. This may sound naive but I feel it's that simple and this is something that you can not be wishy-washy about. 

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