Thursday, February 2, 2012

The planets didn't even warrant a reading for Scorpio...

Hello. So what does that mean when someone reads the planets and does not mention a sign. For me the one who was not mentioned in typical Mark fashion I read that to mean that the day will undoubtedly be bad. A self full-filling prophecy.

The words of a great Cole Porter song keep going through my head. "I never want to hear from a any cheerful Polly Anna that fate supplies a mate their all bananas." I don't need a mate, well I wish that mine wanted to stay home as much as I do but that another issue. I wish that fate would send some gratitude my way. There is a twelve step slogan or phrase, "feeling the feelings" I'm full of quotes today. Anyway I'm feeling the feelings - for sure. Oh to be young again when a joint made things easier? With age comes some wisdom and the knowledge that what I once thought was "easier" was just denial. Oh well...BORING!!!...(remember Joanne Worley) let's hear it for denial!! Hip Hip...

I played tennis today for just an hour and I was useless afterwards.Totally exhausted and did not go to the studio till 6:30. I took down some small paintings to photograph upstairs as the light is not working for my paintings, in the studio. They look like shit and and shit they may be but at least I want the color to be right. So it's been a long day. I would still like to do some work, we shall see. So yes I took the paintings down and put up a new piece of 96"x96" canvas and have started the prepping.

One foot in front of the other.

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