Thursday, January 5, 2012

With three solid days in the studio guess what?

Hello. The next three days were supposed to be in the studio and we came down with a head cold. I took two doses of Vicks PM poison spread out over roughly six hours with a guarantee of drying up my runny nose and other promises mainly a good nights sleep. Bull I say! I woke up during the night four - five times. Can you imagine? We dislike taking this crap in the first place but thought something must be done to get better quickly to get in the studio and what happens. The next five hours are spent waiting for the washing machine repair person and then we can go see a local witchdoc to get this spell taken off me.

By the way, we know that the planets have not been aligned for the past couple of days, we definitely know not to fuck with the planets. To be continued.

The image is a detail of an abstract from late 2011 on wood.

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