Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Constant Contact!

Hello. At long last I've set up a Constant Contact mailing list. A bit of work but finally done and now it's just the maintenance of adding to the list.

This painting is new, my first almost completed in 2012. I've dedicated to my friend Jeanne Risica who passed away on December 31st 2010. I've always felt slightly uncomfortable  about the phrase passed away - it does make sense, I guess. The "away" leaves it open - it sounds peaceful but it's just a word replacing died. Saying someone died is reality, seems more final and harsh. No matter how you say it  reality it is. 

Jeanne had a great sense of humor which I have gotten mostly second hand from my cousin Ron. They were very close and collaborated on paintings for many years. The last few years they went their own way creatively which was good for both. They made some beautiful work together and on their own as well. I bought a painting of Jeanne's from a studio sale for very little money, a one of a kind piece. It is mainly black, landscape format, on wood of a girl riding her bicycle upside-down. She mentioned that it was inspired from a dream - a special piece indeed. 

Back to Constant Contact, I'm putting together a list of galleries to send announcements. One of those tricky yet necessary things with a guaranteed risk of rejection from most but just maybe there will be one who will look a little harder and see something. That's what we are hoping.

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