Thursday, January 5, 2012

Abstract Work

Hello. Here is another of my paintings on wood from late 2011. A full shot and a detail. This is a twin to the previous post painting.

So I've been away a bit went to the Ddoctor's office and was seen immediately amazingly. He gave me a prescription and two other things to take. With lunch I took the first dose and one of them is a PM medicine so I will not be long for this world.  After the doctor,  CVS to fill the scripts...they were done right away. You don't understand nothing gets done right away where I live. Maybe the planets are getting aligned for me. I was swallowing the pills when I saw in big letters PM...oh well no heavy lifting for me.  Just couch time.

My friend Jessica wrote a beautiful post today. In a nutshell, about an artist who is not a full time artist (Herself) who works other jobs, has a young son in highschool, always busy. She finds herself with an hour free and would naturally go the studio to work but felt an overwhelming desire to just sit on the couch with her son and enjoy a movie.  I totally understand those feelings. When alone at home the studio is where I spend time. If John is home I want to be with him when his workday is over. It's hard sometimes but I also want to be a well rounded human being and not someone who only feels self worth when painting. It's a tough one. Hopefully we can stay in the moment and love the thing we are doing when we are doing it. Drugs have officially kicked in and I must close my eyes.

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