Thursday, January 19, 2012

My blog, a favorite passtime.

Hello. I've been away a few days, had a few days in Miami escaping some very cold weather in NY but it stuck around for me - how thoughtful. After Miami I planned to visit my mother and went sooner as she had a fall, sadly fracturing three ribs which for a eighty-two year old is not nice. She is determined and improving every day at home which is a relief.  

My car is not good in snow...guess what it is all white outside. Pretty but not very convenient. Ugh.

I have had plans of beginning some work on paper and have yet to dive in. I don't know what holds me back other than exhaustion. So much time gets wasted on other things in life and my best energy gets sucked up in menial but necessary chores and obligations. That is the plight of many people but for me it seems there is always something keeping me from the studio. When I do start the work on paper which may be tomorrow I want to think of trying to make paintings similar to what I am currently doing with oil.

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