Saturday, January 21, 2012

First snow of 2012 on Long Island

Hello. Returned home to Long Island from hometown Rhode Island today after a few days caring for my mother. She had a fall and is fine but was banged up a bit. Luckily she is a strong woman with a will of steel, a steel will? We had a sweet visit and I'm hoping to get home more frequently. How to put the needs of my mother first without putting all of my work/life on hold. This is my dilemma always has been. I left EH on Tuesday morning and have done nothing regarding my art since. It is Sunday and I am so tired that I will just sit and watch the boob tube.

After coming back by car in a snowstorm I have no energy and need to regroup. Tomorrow I work in the store, if it is not busy I may try to set up some materials to begin some work on paper.

My goals this week are to finalize my mailing list in constant contact. I also have to send some images to a friend who moved to Chicago a bit over a year ago. He recently contacted me requesting some images.

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