Sunday, January 22, 2012

Up late, 8:10 wake-up to white.

Hello.  So my work day at the store is coming to a close, I did some work on paper  discovering my approach was the same as any other painting. I had some fear about what to do, I just dove in and got wet, made a mess and had some things revealed to me. By nature of my medium, crayon & paint on paper it's a very quick process. I would like to slow it down but at the same time do not want to think to much.

Last night I sent some images in an email to this gallery guy who is also a friend that I don't know so well, but a little, very nice guy.  In the letter I briefly described my process and at the time liked what I wrote. The challenge is describing my work/process to someone who has not seen the work. I treat my artist's statement as a living thing changing all the time. Which makes sense because what I am doing today will most likely not be what I am doing next year or in three months for that matter. I read that it is important because it helps to talk about the work, put words to the work or the thought behind the work. I used to dislike the statement but now totally appreciate the tool and quite love it actually.

It's helped me to think more about the work and have a plan however abstract. This is what I put in the letter:
Some thoughts on the work.  I am exploring abstract landscape, keeping it all about the paint, creating space with color and contrast. Finding that when a "space" appears that is not representational or traditional, it is more desirable. Oddly when making abstract work this way, shapes can appear or feel concrete. A patch of color can become a wall...creating a place to go, to go through.

From earlier today...With the Australian Open being broadcast so late it is difficult to get to sleep early. Na Li lost to Clijsters last night which made me a little sad. I really like Li and her killer approach to the game. To be cont....

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