Monday, January 2, 2012

Remembering Jeanne Risica

Hello.  I wanted to remember Jeanne Risica who died last year on New Year's Eve. I am working on a new painting dedicated to Jeanne. This is a portrait of her and one of her paintings.

So the holidays are passed, wonderful and exhausting. They were quite social spent with family and friends and totally sober, happy to report. 

I am getting a clear head about many things, painting and my goals going forward. I've been attacking a list of galleries across the country randomly picking cities and looking at the sites of galleries. It is quite easy to tell if at all appropriate so I am getting a good list together. John is helping me with Constant Contact to set up a mailing system which seems abstract to me right now but will be clearer once I send get going. 

I will not entertain the thoughts that come up when I think about the fact that I should already have this stuff in work that would be to easy and not helpful. If this were the case I would already be familiar with constant contact and the ball would be rolling but again that is not helpful....Right??

Work is going well, I feel quite focused thinking abstractly - if you know me that makes sense. I've begun a large canvas 90"x90" approx., a group of small paintings roughly 19"x19"  and then a medium sized one 34"x48" all abstract landscapes. I am trying to think of different things all at once to keep from getting bogged down in some idea. Crazy I know but it is less nuts in practice. Trying to stay focused on the mixing of color being the most important thing. Thinking about getting the paint to the canvas as quickly as possible. Thinking about different tools but always going back to the palette knife. Let me not forget the humble rag. Without the rag....lost.  

I have been tweaking my site which I feel is better than ever. Personal yet to the point. My photography can always be better but even that has improved. I'm trying to make some short videos so I can join the youtube human race. I feel like I've missed the boat if I don't have some kind of video posted.

Later for now...I feel like 2012 is going to be a good year for blogging. I feel the need to get away from fb as it is a dangerous and inappropriate place to post ones true views and or feelings. fb in my hands can be a loaded canon and life is a battlefield quite enough thank you. Thank you gorgeous Pat Benetar.

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