Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday Monday

Hello. I'm making a conscious effort to keep the negative thinking at a minimum. With the nasty Republican politicians and the terrible things happening in the world it is so easy to go down that road. There is a lot to be positive about. I've had two good studio visits over the weekend that might result in sales one of my most recent work which is always validating. People are reacting very well to my new work what could be better.

This image is a new small painting that was going to be submitted to a local juried show but I went with another choice. You can't predict what will work and often I feel after the fact that I should have stuck with my gut but there is it.

Positive thinking. I've been following this woman's site, she reads cards and gives some positive words and also gives horoscope readings and advice regarding the moon and planets. Today was a very unfavorable day for Scorpio. Knowing that I could turn it around and buck the system which so far is what I have been able to do. Go Mary Anne!!!!

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