Thursday, April 28, 2011

With all of the hardship in the world I don't want to complain but....

Hello. No I do not wish to complain but the reality is I'm in a bit of a minor crisis. I have one of my more important deadlines coming up and along with that deadline I wanted my site updated. Suddenly I am unable to upload my site changes. This has never happened so in the scheme of things life is not bad but did it have to pick this week to fuck with me? That is why I have the adult warning to be able to say fuck. I'm trying to curb that behavior and edit myself but not tonight. So go to bed children, this is adult time.

Oh and did I mention that today my day off, the beginning of three days off to get lots done in the studio I awoke with a nasty sore throat. It has progressed to lack of energy and and all around useless feeling. So here I am venting on the blog. I did work on my Artist Statement this morning and I haven't looked at it since noon but I think it is close so it has not been a total waste of time. I just had high expectations and they were dashed. Yes it could be worse I could live in Alabama and have no home but Mary let me tell you if things don't change I'll be living in EH w/o a home so what's the difference. OK that's not accurate but it feels like it sometimes. If your reading this MOM don't worry I won't be homeless.

How did I get this old and lately round around the middle. I want my old body back!!! Rather young body. I'd be happy with last years body. I saw a photo that my Acupuncturist took of my back with needles and I was a lean machine. What the fuck happened? Something has to give. I've been obsessing on this for a while and things are not changing. We've had company two weekends in a row and they bring all of this food that is fattening and then leave, leaving all of the crap. Yes I'm 51 and I have been able to say that I have the same body that I had when I was twenty something. Key words "have been", not anymore. Maybe I did something bad and I'm paying for it. It's all relative and many would say shut up you are not fat and to them I say for me I am fat. Thank you very much. John agrees with me too. He doesn't have to say anything. I hate everyone this second. OK it's passed. I will get my shit together and deal with this issue. Tomorrow.

On another note my painting seems great I don't want to jinx anything but the studio seems to be agreeing with me. OK so I am off. Hope I didn't bring you down. Did I mention that I have a sore throat and I'm sitting in bed with a scarf around my neck. Pathetic!

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