Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Here we are again.

Hello. The planets are still not aligned for Scorpio. This does not bode well for me but I choose to say, Planets, get out of my way. I've to much to do to let that stop me. The saying you can't fight a tidal wave is true but today I will fight the planets.

I started some new drawing for paintings last night, ending the night at midnight updating my site, tweaking it, cleaning it up. It seems that I am always doing this but in reality it gets better each time and I think this is the best to date. Looking crunchy in any way is out. Sophistication. Well as much as possible given who we are talking about is what I'm after. You gotta have a gimmick....

No judgment! The new drawings really have potential, feel like I'm on fire. Got a late start in the studio after work and dinner and opted to sit at the table and draw. Working large sitting down is not the most comfortable but it turned out to be a good decision. Rotating the drawing while working made it easier.

The studio seems damp and not conducive to primer drying it's like they are sweating. Does anyone else have my issues? What do you do to fix these things when you are running the show yourself? At my age I have answers certainly but other insight may be helpful.

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