Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Listening to Beethoven and continually amazed.

Hello. Yes at the store, having had a productive day cleaning the place and preparing for a weekend event now unwinding with a cup of coffee and Beethoven. Classical music has been my music of choice lately for many reasons. Its beauty, variety, for two. There is a Beethoven station yes devoted to only Mr. B. He really set the bar high for future musicians. Listening to his piano concertos I guess they are called is amazing as they do not sound saccharin like piano can so easily sound, just beautiful, pure and so sophisticated like the original deal. That sounds stupid but it's my blog. Don't know how long He lived, thirty-seven stands out as an age in His life. Maybe He was deaf at thirty-seven to think there was a period when he could not even hear his compositions. I think it was earlier, maybe He was dead at thirty-seven. Incredible! 

So moving on, the world and the politics of the world are something that I have turned a deaf ear to. Of course I hear things and listen when necessary and I miss Rachel Madow and Chris Matthews but my plate is full and the news does not improve. It gets my fur up when I hear the things that going on and the fighting between parties and the lies being told to the people by rich men so I have to tune it out. 

Things are moving forward in the studio which is a source of pleasure. It certainly beats that other old story of pain, confusion and doubt. If you have a little time I'm sure we can play that old song. Seriously though things do make sense creatively speaking. Maybe it's the time spent working, as in age. I've been at it a long time.   My mother told me to be happy the other day over the phone. It really stayed with me as one of the most caring things a mother can say, I was filled with such gratitude. I've still yet to mention to her how powerful it was to hear that. I am certainly cut from the same cloth as Mom, we both carry a lot of sadness and it is in our power to let it take over or to see it for what it is, a feeling. It doesn't have to totally identify us. I have been making some changes in my life small personal things that are helping immensely with my mood. 

WE are delicate flowers and I'm an orchid if you get my meaning. Not to flatter myself in any way just to say that I am a pain in the ass and desirous of a lot of attention.  I'm a messy orchid on the shelf at K-Mart waiting for someone to take care of me. Feeling less needy is empowering and certainly a bit more attractive. BTW if I can talk like the children, I woke up at fifty and realized that I am not the person I thought I would like to be. I've lived in the minute my whole life, that can be good but there is a point when thinking about the future is the adult thing to do. I'm not talking about money I'm referring to the mind and positive thinking. Like right now I could go and buy a bag of potato chips, eat the whole thing but instead I'm going to eat a grapefruit which I will certainly enjoy and feel monumentally better after the fact. It's called self-care and for me being responsible. 

What has any of this to do with art? Nothing and everything is my answer.

The grapefruit was delicious by the way.

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