Monday, May 16, 2011

Been away, but not far.

Hello. Yes life has been full and it's easy to forget how important writing a few lines can be. I'm working on some new paintings that incorporate trees painted from my imagination. Watch out. It is a lot of fun seeing things appear and using all of the stored memory of what a tree looks like and letting it happen. The mind is a powerful thing and in spite of  the mission of my youth to break it down it still shows up for me. 

Two couples came to my studio recently, visits that may result in the sales of work. It seems like a lot of pending things that will happen if they were meant to. 

Looking at some online news and one story in particular of this in-mate who may have given some info as to the where abouts of a missing girl from many years ago. The very short article ended with the killing of another girl by a fellow sociopath, the girls body was found in a field. It just ended like that - her slain body was found....  It really had an effect on me, the thought of the poor girls last moments alive. What makes someone do such a horrible thing and the horror and pain of the victim is beyond anything imaginable. I know it's  grim and I don't know the victim but maybe thinking about her w/o knowing her keeps her memory alive. 

Horrible stories have the potential to move you in many ways and help you to see how precious time is. So tonight in the studio nature will prevail, nature and the beauty of color.

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