Thursday, May 26, 2011

I'm here.....

Hello,  Yes I am in the studio taking down finished paintings and stapling up new canvas to prep/prime. My large 96"x96" panels two to be exact and this point in time and they are stretched amazingly well if I do say so. It seems they get better each time and at my age with the physicality of the job that's something. Feeling up to the work and also encouraged by what is happening creatively. 

Have taken down four 44"x40" (approx.) canvases at a point when they were really fresh. I've said all I wanted to say. They are abstract and strong I think so that is good news. Good things come out of an emotional roller coaster ride. The story of my life. The paintings began with a solid rubbed out ground on top of which contrasting color was very energetically rubbed on using a variety of implements and some brushes. They happen quickly and this time I really went by the seat of my pants and it was scary. But good things happen when you put your shit out there and take a chance. Personally speaking of course. For me the whole idea or process of an abstract painting is emotion and feeling. I mean really when you think about it "a child could do it" so what is so special? The only thing special I feel that I have to offer is the f'd up crap that is going on in my very sensitive head, for fifty-one years. Being a painter and being desirous of making this kind of work if I question, I'm dead.  For me the mark has to come from a place of feeling and vulnerability. Of course I try not to think about it that much. Just keep moving. 

What's the Woody Allen joke? "Relationships are like a shark they have to keep moving to survive. And what we've got here folks is a dead shark"   Something like that. Genius!   From Annie Hall. 

Well I am off and I'm not editing so I do hope this sounds clear and not like the ramblings of a nut. A good friend sent me her blog post and inspired me to go to my blog which is something I would love to do more regularly. 

I have one thing to say....Beethoven's Violin Concertos?  OMG if I can speak like the children. 

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