Sunday, May 29, 2011

Life can hand you lemons....

Hello. I try to make lemonade but sometimes things just go wrong. I snapped at a friend today after an unfortunate incident with the toilet in our hallway. It got backed up and was overflowing everywhere and I snapped. I apologized but it was not nice or at all helpful. He was very gracious and said don't think about it but still it was not very nice and not at all the way I want to behave.   

Anyway as payback the water which was clean water by the way went through the floor and down to my studio where I never leave my camera open but yesterday I did and it has water damage and may be done. There was also paper on top of my studio table and it all got wet and most ruined. I am sad and a bit tired but other than that clean and content. I should just go to sleep for the night. I think I will take a serious nap right now as a matter of fact.

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