Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I wonder why...

Hello. Yes I wonder about many things. I did have my studio visit yesterday and it was great. I received advice from someone I respect and I have some clear direction going forward. I will keep her up to date with work that is in keeping with what she gravitated to and we shall see. I don't know what I expected to come from it. I was exhausted leading up to it and was feeling pretty low actually but in spite of me she liked the work. She was drawn to pieces that I really like and that felt great. She has a good eye and there was no bullshit. I heard nothing negative, she got me to see where I might focus my energy for good results. It was quite invaluable actually.

The image shown is one that she liked as far as my abstract work goes. I was quite surprised as I thought she gravitated to representational so that was a great surprise. It is also one of my favorite little abstracts of mine. We all need a little validation.

I've been cranking away and I've made a small painting to submit to this annual show out here. It's the third time I've been in this show and this year is the year that I don't look at my submission and wince. In the past I didn't plan for the show I just submitted what was available. This time I made something specifically for the show in keeping with what I'm doing now and I love the little painting.

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