Thursday, January 20, 2011

Letting go and picking up

It is almost four in the afternoon and I am back to post a little. I'm finally in the studio and things are looking better down here. A little cool but I can deal with that as I like to have a scarf on anyway. I'm organizing and clearing the decks. I have literally yards and yards of canvas for new work. About to take down work that is finished. I see that one large painting is not finished after all and the time away was good as I see what needs to be done can I do it is the question? Listening to the radio some music, local station just music so not live and a mix of everything which means good and bad. The country that gets thrown in every forth song is a bit irritating but songs are generally three minutes unless the "artist" really has something to say so I can take it. It's a lesson in self control, the next one might be good...or not. These images are really beautiful of Michael Knigin's work. I feel very sad for Joan.

Hello. These are images of the artwork of Michael Knigin. I just found out that he passed away. He was a local artist out here in East Hampton and the little that I've known him I've found Him to be a gentle, talented, approachable, fine man. You can see more of his Wave Montage series at this link,

Joan Kraisky was Michael's partner in life and they were inseparable. Joan's work is quite beautiful and I think of her and hope she is well. He will be missed.

Today I am in the studio and I will think of these people that we have lost recently and make the best of my day. Realizing how fortunate I am to have this gift of time.

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  1. I've known Michael and Joannie for only a couple of years, but can I honestly say that Michael will sorely be missed. Joannie is a strong woman, but my heart goes out to her. Michael's passing will not only be felt in the artworld, but to all who knew him.