Friday, January 21, 2011

Snowy, moody and beautiful day

This image is one on Michael Knigin's "Wave Montage" series. I think they are amazing and beautiful. I went to Michael's funeral today it was the most beautiful ceremony I'd ever been to. There was a Rabbi who sang and one did not have to know Hebrew to feel the meaning. It had snowed but the sun was in and out and cold but it did not matter. I assisted my friend Haim who was very close to Michael shovel the dirt into the grave. It was a very strange experience dumping dirt on a casket strange but beautiful. The grave itself was so crisply dug. I don't remember the last funeral that I attended and I see why they are important, the last time that loved ones can feel some presence of the deceased.

I heard in the news today about a L. I. Firehouse that has a Confederate flag hanging in the firehouse. This is a problem only made worse by the fact that it happens to be a large African American community. News of this got out because a Black Fireman discovered the racist symbol. I don't understand and I do not want to sound naive about private racist groups being out there, it just amazes me. The racism and hatred out there in our midst when we think we are such a peaceful, accepting, community.

Hello. It is snowing again and like the last storm heavy wet snow. This means that the bamboo around the house is heavy and falling to the ground. It looks like a winter wonderland but that is where the beauty ends.

I planned on going to Michael Knigin's funeral today at eleven but now wonder if I can make it there or if in fact the funeral goes on in inclement weather. It seems like the perfect day for a funeral, the mood that is, sad and lonely. I know we are suppose to think of the good times when we think of someone who has left us but sometimes you just want to be sad. Feel the feelings and then move on. The grieving process is important. I did not know Michael well at all so I am not exactly talking about my grief for Michael. I guess I'm just thinking about my process in general. The grieving is honoring the person, thinking about them. All to soon we move on and possibly they are thought about less and less. Not they are not thought about but it is different, maybe not. Maybe the thoughts are deeper when they die. I certainly feel no less love when I think of my Dad. He had a long life and lived it to the fullest. Do I wish he were here today? If he could be healthier and not an alcoholic, Yes would be my answer but as he was no definitely not.

I finally broke through and spent some time in the studio yesterday. I did my usual cleaning and organizing and it is not so bad. I am in the prep stage and that is a very physical time in the studio. Preparing the canvas, stapling to the work stations, priming requiring lot's of strength. I usually go through the anxiety that I may not have it but yesterday I didn't really just got busy.

The snow is a drag as it is mounting up but I would love to turn this into an opportunity for photos. It seems to beautiful to let pass by. I have the winter garb, I should go out and shoot away. I wish I could find a bunch of deer in the snow. I hear snow plows off in the distance.

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