Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New beginnings

I am returning to this post as I am heading to bed and looked out the window to see blue moon light, a full moon. It casts a blue light over the snow all around the house. When I located the moon straight up it was that view of the moon that you think of when you think of the Werewolf or Dracula. The clouds all around the light of the moon giving them shape. So incredible I only wish a photo that I could take would do some justice. It is an image that I would love to try to paint without it looking like a cliche. That would be the challenge. Maybe working from memory I would have some luck. I will look, take notes see how it really looks, not just trust my memory. I did take some photos outside where it is crisp, cold and moonlit. The photos are dark but maybe with some luck I can get some reference. Wow how amazing it all is, We are specks on the planet in the grand picture.

I'm making progress as I did not go and get the bag of chips to devour. That is something I do when John is away. It is a bad habit eating junk at all let alone before going to sleep. Also while typing this I am smiling. I had a very good day at the store. It was not as busy as we would like but better than it could have been. I re-arranged all of my paintings and the installation looks good.

Today while standing outside the store a guy leaving the neighboring store and stopped to chat, Dan I think. He right away started telling me that He is sober for fifteen plus years and we had a great conversation. Tomorrow is his anniversary actually He was so happy he just wanted to share. What they say in program is that the circumstances maybe different but it is all the same and truer words were never spoken because we are so different but on so many levels so similar. Amazing.

Hello. Today is my beautiful nieces birthday. It is so hard for me to remember the years that people were born let alone their ages. I guess she will always be young to me. Anyway I wish her the best of luck on her math test today. Go Rachel!!

This is a detail from one of my large paintings from 2010 I like this one, it has energy. That is what I am after "Good Energy". I manage to put the energy out there and keep all the negative inside. Really healthy right?

So what did I say yesterday? Today is the first day of the rest of my life? I am working today and hopefully going into the studio tonight. Last night was cold and the Australian Open is happening so I opted for tennis.

I am going to try to be optimistic today and see things the way they really are and not the way my negative thinking has conditioned me to see all these fifty plus years. Easier said then done but as that funk song of long ago said "I Have the Power"

Today we are expecting our first full delivery of oil from the new company and it seems the hill has thawed enough for a truck to get up. Oh happy day.

I just thought of some things that I can accomplish before heading to the store. I need some pvc poles to wrap my canvas. I also need some strips of wood to hang some of my large paintings so I can move on, prime new canvas and begin anew. How's that for optimism? That's me baby thinking positive thoughts new beginnings. Is that terribly redundant? new beginnings? Begin anew? Not really. I could be resuming work on something. I guess if it is new than it is the beginning. Anyway, it's all new every minute is new. I really want to try to go through life that way. Appreciating all things. I am going to start by getting off the computer and doing some stretching, eat and take it from there.

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