Friday, January 7, 2011

January 7, 2011

I call this painting "Land and Sea", don't know was a feeling I had when I first made it and it stuck. Love the sound of it though even though it's hardly original. It's a small painting 21"x20" and the title seems so grand and old world, I love it.

Hello 2011. Here I am. It's been a while and I wish you the healthiest, happiest, prosperous and love filled new year with peace and All Good Things (great movie btw). I guess that's all that I can do. I will try to spread the word by practicing what I preach, love, love, love and good will, all we can do really.

I am making a strong effort to be more optimistic in my day to day everything. How's that? All I can do is try. I want to be a good influence to younger people. I never wanted to be a bitter old man and I've come dangerously close to being just that. Mind you I'm not getting all goody goody, I'm a bitter old queen at heart but I want to put kinder gentler energy out there as much as I can. A tad self serving mind you as I have noticed that I am getting older looking and the negativity might not be helping. Listen that's not totally true just a little. I really do sincerely want to be a nicer person. My man is the nicest guy and I want to be like him if for nothing else then to be nice to him. He deserves better than my horrible bitterness of late. I see where it came from and that is half the battle of beating the meanies. I am fifty-one and I want some success is that so wrong? I want to be able to sell paintings to make a modest living. I'm not talking about six or seven figures although in my mind that is what I want, I have to dream right? Money makes things easier that is all there is to it.

OK I'm rambling, I want to be the kind of person that people want to meet and not the nightmare that I have been this last year...or two. I would not want to hang out with the me of 2010. Listen it was a terrible year, world is a mess but that is not my business. My business is to be nice, treat others well and to love and help in any way I can. And to make paintings that make me happy and hopefully please others.

I also am making a concerted effort to take care of my self and body which has been good to me all these long years so I need to be good to it and love it. I'm also trying something new which is not editing myself. And one last thing, eventually removing my adult warning from this blog but I can't rush into that after all, this nice shit could be a phase. :)

Key word...nice.

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