Friday, January 14, 2011

January 14, 2011

Hello. I have not been in the studio for a while with all the other things that need taking care of in life. It's all fine and I am thinking about my next move and preparing for work. It is how I operate I guess, it used to give me stress about not getting things done but I am getting "other" things done so accept.

I am trying to find art related blogs to check out and link up and follow. It's fun but like everything else time consuming. The great thing is the possibility of finding new artists and great work.

This morning while searching around I came across this woman who I will not mention or follow because of what she said. It was harmless on the surface but makes me see even how harmless things can offend. Also it makes me see how sensitive I can be and how words matter. And let me just say that this was on a list of top art blogs. I'll get to that later.

She is a rather detailed folksy kind of painter, I guess naive is the term like Gandma Moses although different anyway not really important. She was talking about sending paintings to Japan to a gallery that may represent her and how her paintings take a while and how she wishes she could be an abstract painter and just "slap" the paint on the canvas and make a painting a day instead of what she does which is time consuming.

OK I know she did not mean to offend but it is really pushing my boundaries to not be bitter. It was a stupid thing to say and something that we are all capable of if not careful. I am aware that some people think that abstract work is "so easy a child could do it" and to them I say, go ahead try. Try to make a good abstract painting that is. Yes everyone can slap paint on a canvas and it might even work at times but first of all you have to have the desire to do it and not just talk about it. Second there is some feeling involved if it is just slapped on then chances are a sophisticated maybe even a less than sophisticated person will spot the insincerity.

Anyway, I am not bitter I know what the woman meant and I am probably guilty or will be guilty later on today of saying something without thinking of consequences. If you have five minutes I will probably say something annoyingly judgmental. Change does not come overnight as our President is well aware by now. I am so proud to have the wonderful President that we have. I hope things go well for him because we need him for at least six more years. Love my thought process, it can be cause for a headache I know.

I'm working on staying off the bitter bus and I will continue to search for art blogs that speak to me or show me good work.

I have so much to do around the house and in the studio today and there are only so many hours so something will suffer. First of all the bamboo is almost horizontal with heavy snow and ice and it is blocking passageways so I can not ignore it. Yesterday while shaking snow off to release it a twig found its way into my right ear coming dangerously close to puncturing my eardrum. The gods were looking down on me and all is fine but it did freak me out and made me see how careful I need to be. There is a reason for protective goggles, hats, gloves all that gear is for a reason. Accidents happen when rushing which is what I was doing, trying to do everything at once. A valuable lesson.

The snowmen photo is an image to make you smile. It is from last winter, I will try to take some snow photos to document this winter.

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