Thursday, January 13, 2011

January 13, 2011

Hello. We had another storm dumping fifteen inches on top of some existing snow so there is enough to satisfy any winter loving nut. Listen I think it is pretty but there really is enough already and today I shoveled my car out of two separate situations and then what is there left to the day. OK my bitterness is over. It could be much worse and I'm sure it will be.

I am trying to send some followup letters to galleries and if I can accomplish that I will be happy. John visited some galleries while traveling recently and I need to send thank you notes for taking some time to chat with him. I can do that. Right? You would think. anyway enough rambling here I go.

Again I wish I made this painting but I didn't and can't even give it a credit other than "Edward" I think it is amazing. there is an outline that you can't even see so it is much stronger than it appears and I think it appears pretty strong as it is. Later. I found it searching through blogs which I've rediscovered and is quite fun. You have to wade through a lot of crap but this is the case with everything right.

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