Tuesday, January 11, 2011

January 11, 2011

Hello. I feel I want to make another post dedicated to Jeanne Risica who died this past New Year's Eve. It is my way of celebrating her, a brilliant painter. I happen to own at least one of her paintings I say one because I bought a few from a studio sale that she and my cousin Ron had years ago. I am pretty sure that I have some of their collaborations but not sure if I have any more of her solo pieces. The piece is stored in my studio in the city and I am not sure if it has been photographed I will try to locate an image of it. It is a beautiful image that she was close to, I think she told me it was from a dream she had or a childhood memory. It is a very dark almost black painting on a piece of random wood with a line dividing the horizontal plane and an outline drawing of a child on a bicycle, I think the child is upside down. A very moving piece. I may have to give it on loan to my cousin who is deeply in mourning for his friend.

So this is for Jeanne.

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  1. Hello mark,

    First off, thank you for visiting my blog. I absolutely love your paintings below, they definitely convey a sense of emotion, a state of mind, a personal narrative.

    I am truly sorry for the loss of your friend.

    R.I.P Jeanne.

    I will be back for more updates.