Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thursday night in the studio

Hello. So I feel like I've been very active on facebook. Venting my frustration with the republican party feeling helpless. On top of that I'm getting older and feel tired. Same old story. I did have a moment tonight when I was in my head and admitted to myself that yes I am getting older. There's no denying the reality of the situation. BUT it is not over yet. I am still vital. I have been eating badly a bit lately, I've been alone and haven't found time in my day to shop so I am eating lots of bread products which is a fancy way of saying I've been eating pizza and not beautiful brickoven pizza but greasy quick pizza. It will kill you at my age anyway.

Who the fuck has the time to work shop and cook? Oh and then make art. This isn't all complaints mind you. I am liking what I am doing, being in the store a couple of days at least one a week and playing a more active roll. I'm also preparing this work at this antique shop and wearing other hats as well. I am slower and part of it is that I am burning the candle at both ends a bit I guess. Poor me.

Anyway, I am looking at one of my newer large paintings that I thought was finished and seeing something else that I could do. It feels good to see something and to visualize what the change could bring to the piece.

Last night is was so windy there were trees making noises like they were in the house. I had to pull the blankets over my head almost it was so scary. Hearing the terrible noise and then being so quiet to hear if there is someone in the house. Being alone can be crazy. I'm not scared normally just when in bed alone hearing noises.

So maybe I won't go to bed. I think I will start using facebook only for communicating what is going on in my life. I've been a little to present and the return is not enough. The connection with friends is great and that I will try to keep up but my venting about the likes of rotten politicians has got to stop.

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