Saturday, November 27, 2010

Wow the past few days have been full

This is one of my new crazy paintings about 20"x20" oil on canvas.
This one is actually kind of tame but I guess you can be the judge I want fudge isn't that crazy? It's not the one that I wanted to post but THAT one is one rotation to the right and I can't seem to rotate left. Anyway so much for progress.

Hello. I am in the studio in body only. I've been on my computer googling this writer/musician friend named Pat Rogers. Pat wrote a very nice piece about me back in Feb 2009 I think that's right. We met then and we bump into each other socially usually as Surface Library events. I've been checking out her blog, see below, on LI Pulse, some great coverage of art and culture. A wonderful woman, we had a new connection tonight it was about her, there is so much more than I ever knew. She is a musician, runs a contracting business in Sag Harbor, blogs, and of course has a thirst for art. It was nice that it wasn't about me for a change. She is so generous that normally the attention is on you or rather me and for a change it was on her. Btw, Surface Library's site is looking beautiful so I would check that out as well.

As I am back in the studio it is back to being about me and being around my work and catching up. I have been away form these pages and also facebook herein referred to as fb. C'mon get hip. I miss the blog and there is the difference. John is in London till this Thursday (so if I have a stalker out there I am alone so this would be the perfect time to that crazy or what?) and we have been very close which is amazing at every turn. I am working the store tomorrow and my paintings are hanging for their first weekend at Balasses House also some small pieces at Surface Library for their annual Christmas Sale. I am happy to be a part of both and would really love to unload a couple or one so as to not bring it home. I did sell one of my Golden Landscapes, the more vertical of the two. It was sold to family, which sounds rude when I say it. Yes John's Sister-in-Law purchased a painting and she was right it looks perfect in the location. I did not get a photo foolishly. It was great hanging the painting and having it look so good. Yet I can still in the next breath question my abilities. Is it meant to keep my on my toes? Is that my story?

Boy do I have stories. My last tenant...a story I will take to my grave ended shy of two weeks ago and I am just recovering on so many levels. It did not end well and I played a part in the bad situation but I stand by my story, have no regrets and I'm moving on. It makes me feel better knowing that of my many short term, three months of less sublets this one was the only one to end negatively and I've learned a lesson going forward. I do have a new tenant beginning soon and I am optimistic that this one will be a good experience.

All the best.

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