Thursday, November 11, 2010

Back in the studio 8:00pm

Hello. I love this image of the Pacific Coast Highway in Carmel.

Let me preface this post by saying that I just discovered how to have followers posted on my blog. Better late than never I guess. To my surprise when I figured this out there were already some people that have read my blog at least once. I have probably scared them away. Oh well. Come back. Come back. Seriously this post is not the most upbeat but I'm not a perky person. So if that's what you want I know it's out there for the finding.

Anyway, welcome. I wrote the post below and then figured I'd look to see if anyone had commented and there were two comments by a new person and they were brief and very nice and really made my evening. People are wonderful things and words are so powerful. The crap I wrote below is just that.

So yes I am back in the studio and overwhelmed with feelings. Period. After seeing Kiefer yesterday and his brilliance my paint splashed on canvas seems kind of hollow. I can not compare myself to him for so many reasons. Just as I should not compare myself to anyone in a critical way that is. It just doesn't do any good. After feeling this way as soon as I got in the studio and turned the lights on I felt like a traitor to my work for not feeling good about it. I love my work and it is a changing living thing so maybe one day I will give myself credit for making something good. I know it's good. It's just that Kiefer is sooooo past good. His work is the only work worth doing. How's that. Stupid I know. Anyway, I'll get over it cause if I don't I might as well kill myself right now and I'm to chicken for that.

I think I will end this post now as I need to get to work and get some gratitude and work on the positive attitude. Yay. Here I go.

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