Thursday, November 11, 2010

at my store today

Hello. I am working at my store today getting off at seven and then home in the studio. I was in the city for a couple of days and I saw the Anselm Kiefer show at Gagosian Gallery. He is a remarkable painter for any age. There are huge, twelve foot tall vitrines with dried plants up-side-down sunflowers almost as tall, glass and steel frames, quite impressive. But the paintings were something to behold. They were three times the size of anything I have yet to paint and one canvas probably had more pigment on it than I will ever use. He really speaks to me on so many levels if I don't see another show this year I am thrilled to have seen that one.

This link is just for a stupid poster and you can't really see wait a minute I will get a good link. Well you can google him for sure there are planty of images but not the currnet work which is what I'm talking about. anyway, that is that. Anslem Kiefer, the real deal.

I am trying to think of other shows that I saw and coming up blank. There was a video at Mary Boone which was memorable. Oh and this newly located gallery in Chelsea, Mark Dean Project I think it's called. I know Mark, He is a great guy and the space is great. He is currently showing this young hyper-realist painter named Bryan??? anyway, not important because you will most likely hear about him at some point. Even if you are bored by realist painting which I can be you know your in the company of genius when you see it and this guy is stupendous. He has more skill than anyone and He has a sense of humor which is even better. He makes under lifesized portraits in oil and you can see the pores and not in a gross, boring, who cares way just really fucking amazing. Anyway I tip my hat to Mark for representing him and they are selling. $12,000. for a 12"x10" portrait. Not bad right. Of course the work is intense and very slow but He is young and very energetic. Enough.

Back to me. I have to forget all of this when I get to the studio because it is not always helpful. As a matter of fact it can be debilitating but I will not entertain those thoughts.

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