Monday, September 6, 2010

I was at a party yesterday...

Hello. Yes I was at a party yesterday and was introduced to a woman who had something to do with the arts but now retired. Let me preface by saying that I do not drink and this was a big drinking end of summer party, that I can't relate to anyway as it is just a season. So this woman is drinking and eating while giving me her story and advice. If you are going to be talking with a mouthful of food it better be really riveting of you better be drop dead gorgeous with great teeth. OK call me a bitch but there it is.

Basically she said not worry about new work, show what I had, a group of recent and old, a mini retrospective. First of all I was not really asking for advice but that is fine as people can sometimes offer up something that is insightful. This however was not and all I could do was nod and try to act like it was helpful. I understand that people mean well most of my life I have been around people that mean well and luckily regarding the act of creating I have stuck with my gut. I am always open for ideas about what to paint but that does not mean that I will take them.

So I have made a decision about what I am hanging in the show at Ashawagh Hall the show that no one will see. I've picked two 40"x50" abstract paintings that were done last year and were never stretched so this will give me the opportunity to see them up and together. I think they are very strong and love them. Back to work.

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