Tuesday, September 7, 2010

less fortunate than I

Hello. Today I showed my apartment to a young couple, tall and beautiful both of them. She looked around the place as I talked to the guy. It was mainly for him although she may have been staying as well. I was near the windows in my apartment and He was walking towards me when I realized that He had two prosthetics maybe from the knees down maybe more as He had Bermuda shorts on and that was what was obvious. I was immediately drawn to the couple as they thought the place was perfect for him. He is practicing at the Chelsea Piers gym to play wheelchair basketball for some competition. Anyway He found a place that He could take immediately as my place is not available right away regrettably. I was hoping for their incredible karma in my apartment but they were here and touched me deeply so that is good enough.

I have so much to be grateful for and I am trying to see this on many levels. I want desperately to stop my negativity and really feel the good that is in my life. Starting with John and all that we have and do.

This is one of my recent small 20"x20" paintings. It was really quick as might be obvious but I think the feeling is strong and lasting. I feel lucky when things like that happen.

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