Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Re-inventing the wheel.

Hi. I am in the studio and realize so much of my anxiety stems form the fact that I feel like I'm re-inventing the wheel every time I paint. Less so with my previous work, the representational work. That was studying something and those problems were different more technical but my current work is crazy as there is no guide and that is the plan but let me tell you I stand before the canvas with a lot of humility and things happen, not without a bit of sweat.

I wish I were smarter I'd settle for a better writer but that is life. Anyway luckily I'm a decent painter, feeling like a machine lately and I should be working and not sitting here typing and thinking. I have a roomful of paintings that are in various stages of completion almost all of them wet and I am eager to start prepping new canvas. Not eager to "do" the prep work mind you as it is soooo physical. I could cry really at the thought of stretching all of this canvas but I won't because there's no time. As Lorelle said: "I've got a show to do Baby"


I had a studio visit today and I may be selling one of my last large representational landscapes. We shall see. There are two that are 74"x64" and 70"x54" and both of the same sloping rocky landscape from Sweden that I have painted a few times.

I am back in the studio after a long day of errands and other things. It is really exhausting wearing many hats, I know many people do it but the older I get the less fun it seems to be. Anyway I am grateful to have a studio to go to and maybe if I take a little nap I will have more energy later to put in a long night. We'll see. Later.

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