Saturday, August 21, 2010

trying to think less and act more in the studio.

Sat. 3:30pm So I am back thinking about my painting process again and confessing that sometimes it is less than enjoyable. Period. It's work so you get through it and then something happens that excites me and I see why I do it. I just got a nice shipment of paint and pigment and it was enough to really excite me about color even when exhausted.

I have little time to be tired. Many reasons, first being the Affordable Art Fair, Sept 30 - Oct. 3rd, 2010. I am part of it, the biggest deal in my life to date so it makes me nervous of course. I hope I am able to relax and enjoy it.

Thinking about things that I don't recall being that aware of regarding the process. Thinking hard about the finished surface, and sometimes seeing my limitations as painter. Trying to work within those let's call them guidelines as to not be negative about my shortcomings. At this point in my life but I want to be better each time. When I see something happening that isn't working I have to take a chance to make it better.

My approach is pretty direct. Mix the color I'm thinking of if it's a large surface make a pile of it. Pick it up however you can loosing as little as possible on the way to put it on the canvas. I can not even say what I am thinking when in the act of painting. For me this is best right now.

Played some good tennis this morning in spite of hitting my left elbow with the racket right in the beginning. I have a sensitive overworked Left arm as it is so it was especially not funny. But I got through and can't blame the elbow for my lousy game.

Sat. 3:00pm, Hello. And in life for that matter. I am bound for trouble if I stay in my head. That is one priceless bit of help that I have taken away from the therapy that I have had in my life. Now if I could only think of it in advance. Anyway, baby fifty mind you is a bit tiresome.

My main complaint is that I ma tired often. Granted I abuse myself by staying up late till two am and at fifty it takes some time to rebound. So when you stay up late and get up early and get on with your day, one has to pity the people you may come in contact with that day.

I have a few new images unfortunately they are on my desk top so I will get them later and post.

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