Tuesday, July 20, 2010

instant gratification

Hello. I've recently been made aware of some of my characteristics as an artist and the needs that art may or may not fill. My childish behavior, which can be good or bad, right? The bad or negative shall we say is the instant gratification that I can expect in my work. Observing this behavior it is the first step to not letting it get the best of me or expecting to much.

If I don't achieve what can sometimes feel like genius or at least brilliance. Sounds arrogant but there are many levels of these achievements and in my self-absorbed artist life my work is what speaks to me, if not than the work is not me. This all sounded better a little while ago, about a month.

I'm so impressed with myself sounding like a seventy year old comedian.

I do pity the person that finds their way to some of my ramblings. This one actually feels like a coherent thought which is an achievement. I did edit a sentence that really made me seem like an idiot. I should not have stopped there.

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