Monday, July 19, 2010

In the studio

Hello. Yes I am in the studio and trying to throw the paint around. It is going well in spite of me. I am doing things that are not usual for me, my method of late. It is getting more comfortable I guess...then I tweak it and find something else to do another way of getting the paint to the canvas. I mean that quite literally.

I love it when things become concrete in my abstract world of painting, my current way of working. I think of images and subject matter for the paintings and assume that with my ability as a draftsman I can render it and then forget about it and something happens or not. It could be that I am a lazy bastard and arrogant enough to think that my splatters of paint are enough to make a picture.

Wow that is so fucking fabulous, to me. When I love my paintings, that is really enough and the first clue that others might as well. I know it sounds really crazy but I've always felt my taste level was way up there. But that is an artist thing, fucking vain, crazy nuts, ego I've recently been made aware.

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