Monday, July 26, 2010

Hello out there.

Yes Hello. I feel like documenting a positive time in the studio. I like the energy my new paintings are taking on. I'm looking harder making better connections with whatever it is I am saying and still loving the act of painting. It's really crazy...... These are the dimensions so far, (2) 84"x64", (6) 46"x40" and group of (8) 18"x18" paintings. There are also two blank primed 84"x84" surfaces. So there is a lot to see in the studio and I am feeling it for all of the paintings. Rocks.

This is a detail of one of my 84"x84" canvases. I think one of my more beautiful passages.

I really feel so blessed is the only way to put it and that to me sounds borderline religious but there is no better description for that blissful state of being that I am fortunate to experience in the studio.

Back to the grind. ;)...............

A friend recommended a book to holistically help with this pain I am experiencing. I am so grateful to the web yet again. I was able to read a review, not so positive one at that. And I am very happy as I am seeing a foot doc tomorrow and hopefully will get some good word for recovery.

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