Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday cool, sunny busy day

Hello. And evening as well. In the garden, car errands, tennis, in the studio, cook some dinner and rest.

I'm thinking about the next group of paintings that I have not yet planned. Five new 86"x86" panels. Very exciting for me actually. The current paintings are still a bit wet so I am talking prematurely and getting myself excited all for naught well for a while.

This image is a large detail of one of my 84"x84" canvases. Very excited with my crazy gigantic flowers. It is a gorgeous surface if I do say so myself. One of my most subtle I think.

I need to start acting like an athlete and take better care of myself. Cause I'm one old $@*&. I've cut out coffee for shy of a week now and drinking tea. Yes I am drinking excessive Iced Teas and hot tea. That will calm down. I'm loving it with mint from my garden or just heaps of brown sugar. Actually I don't think I've added enough I want sweet tea next pitcher. Sickeningly sweet.

Sickeningly. Is that crazy or what???

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