Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Making some progress in the studio.

Hello. Today I stapled my paintings to 48" strips of wood and hung them from cable suspended across the narrowest part of the studio. I am almost confident that they will support the weight of the canvas but I am not an engineer just someone who believes He can do just about anything requiring no know how.

This is all so I can have paintings accessible but taking up little space. The cable for the largest paintings overall 96"x96" will have to be more reinforced, three or more cables across. It is very important and I will rest easier knowing it is overbuilt than the alternative. I must reinforce the one I built today. I feel I should take some of the weight off overnight, I have eleven large paintings hanging in the space of one and up and out of the way. That brings me to my scaffolding. I hope to die from the fall and trust me it will have been an accident. Anyway, it is beautiful like in the picture and locks in place, still moves but of course it moves. It's like a jungle gym in a way. I can do pull-ups sort of from the bottom handles. And it's just what I wanted. It takes me up to the ceiling in one climb and infinitely safer than a ladder I think. more of a workout that is for sure.

OK I have to check out. Been away a while and miss it but busy and life is good. Getting ready to prep some new large canvas, have primer and cloth. When my five latest allow me to remove them I will have them hanging on the hanging system and my work stations will be ready for new beginnings. The first time that I will have all five stations white and ready.

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