Sunday, June 6, 2010

Out in the studio and garden

Hello. Yes I have had a very busy day and evening. Spent a couple of hours today making my edible garden rabbit & deer proof. Good luck I say. Anyway I am doing my best to keep the little critters out. It is really challenging but important in the beginning or I might as well forget it.

I found three small ticks on my person today. That is what happens when you garden with little on. I will not do that again as I was totally pissed off and creeped out. Still checking myself like crazy. These little babies have lots of energy.

Found out tonight that my air conditioner in the city might have checked out. That is an expense I did not expect. We shall see.

On a more important note I reworked one of my large paintings and it is in a much better place heading towards completion.

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  1. Oh, gracious. The ticks. Our heavily wooded neighborhood must be full of ninja ticks - you won't see any for ages and ages, and then suddenly there's five trying to find the quickest way to get under your skin. And they're tenacious; I pulled one off the back of my neck driving home one evening, and tried to unsuccessfully throw him out the window three times. I'd think I'd be rid of him, but five minutes later he'd be crawling up my arm again.

    What a time to lose the AC! I hope it doesn't cause you too much trouble. And what a relief that your painting seems to have found it's way home.