Sunday, April 11, 2010

What is it like to be?

Hello. My question is. What is it like do something that is mapped out for you? I feel like most of my life has been unexplored terrain. I am talking about my art now and of course that is the way we want it as artists. But at this point in my life I am in new territory and as exciting as it is sometimes when things are not going as smoothly as I might like it is pretty scary and can make me question everything. Throw me a bone for crying out loud.

A friend visited my studio yesterday unexpectedly and it was the best thing. He offered some comments, not critiques just comments and they helped me get passed something and see things a little differently. Really helpful. He pointed out that I am making large paintings which is worth pointing out because it may not be the most practical thing so I do need to address that with some smaller scale works. I will do that. I do not want to stifle myself and make only small affordable paintings. The risk is that if they are just ok and large then what do you do with them? My response is re-work them and try to make them good.

How to do this. For me, break down and throw the shit at the canvas. I find that my best result comes form some kind os attack on the canvas, taking it to the next level. With that attach comes emotion which shows itself. The other thing I am discovering is that I am making these "Abstract" paintings. Not purely abstract mind you as they do look like landscapes and they are titled as such but more abstract than anything I've done in the past. Anyway, the other night some crazy larger than life flowers appeared and I encouraged them. I felt a little embarrassed at first but now that I have gone a little further I have embraced them and my roots. After all I did not declare that I am an "Abstract Painter." Does one have to be all of one thing? I think not. It is natural that I find elements of nature in n my work it has been there my whole life. As I have known my whole life I am not an artist who does one thing or concentrates on one thing (for better or worse). I have desired to do many things and luckily have done many things well. So this phase of my life should be easy all I want is to do one thing well paint on canvas. Done.

My point? I need to try to think like a child when I enter the studio and continue to keep the laptop out of the studio. I should not judge the work before it is done. And most important I need to remember to get outside for some fresh air and look at nature and then take that feeling back to the studio.

I am sorry I do not have a credit for this artist. I think Her name is Cindy Roe I will check it out.

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