Saturday, April 10, 2010


Hello. So I guess they have attempted to put the whale down. I did not know this until just a minute ago. I had to go to my Aunt's fb page to see the news from The East Hamtpon Star. How weird is that. Anyway, I guess they botched the mercy killing and the needle still containing the sleeping potion is floating in the Atlantic or waiting to pinch some unsuspecting swimmer. YIKES the shit is going to hit the fan in EH. Do not get me started on this town. I do not claim to be someone who knows how to run a town but these people are fucked. I just want some street lights fixed and shut the shit up.

First let me say that I would not want to be the executioner but let's face it the patient could not be any fucking bigger. Very sad indeed for the poor baby whale which I think made eye contact with me. I wish it could have understood what I was pleading with it to do.

Anyway, back in the studio and things are better I had a studio visit from a friend and He gave me some much needed feedback and I had a bit of a breakthrough. The friend is Bob Bachler a ceramist/potter. He is a great and gifted guy I have a few of His things, unusual, beautiful, functional, decorative. Check Him out with His partner James Kennedy, a painter. They gave me two shows two years in a row. Amazing guys.

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