Monday, April 12, 2010

My blog, my shit, beware.

Hello. I need to pretend that all is well and life is great. I mean who wants to read the ramblings of a bitter artist. And that's me in spades. Of course my mood changes like the weather but right now I am really fucked and the work is uggh. So bored.

I feel like I want it all on my terms well aware that it is the behavior of a child and it is unacceptable.

Oh boy is my patience being tested by facebook. I tried to write something private to someone and thought I clicked private just this particular person but no that is not what happened. Luckily for once I did not offend anyone. Just pissed me off.

I am really struggling in the studio. Questioning everything and not really knowing what the fuck I am doing. I am really weary of these feelings at this point in my life nothing changes. And now I decide to make something totally different and at a large scale that no one will want ever.
I am a very moody person right now and luckily I do not have my finger near the button.

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