Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Here I am.

A thought that I would like to come back to on a regular basis is the idea that we are so wreckless with the planet and that it could be taken away form us in a second. How incredible is that we have this amazing place to live and there are men that have the power to take it away or make it unlivable. Yes I said men, after the occasional female suicide bomber it's all guys that (vulgar four letter word rhymes with) muck things up with their fear based power struggle.

I do think that is brilliant. Now I must re-connect with my six 84"x84" paintings. Count'em six big f'n paintings. I was scared of them for a second until I got closer and saw some beauty and now feeling energized but at the same time emotional with them.

Hello. So I am in the studio after being away for a week and it feels like a year. I feel like I do not know what I am doing. I have to let these feelings go as they will only hold me back. I am just going to try to throw some paint around.

This image is a very yellowed image of one of my smaller new paintings. 24"x24"

I have been very erratic with my posts. Not for lack of things to rant about but I have been busy with life and for some reason not finding time to post. I am on the Jitney heading out to East Hampton and the driver is very jerky and i could blow my lunch but it is hard to complain as there is a very pregnant woman sitting next to me who is dealing very well with it so...


  1. haha after going through a few posts finally one that made me smile...:) just wanted to share that:) and u made a right decision not complaining near that woman cuz when my mom was pregnent phewww no one was allowed to have a problem...

  2. I really like your work. I am glad I found you.