Friday, April 23, 2010

Hello. How are you?

So if you go to this site you can see me interview and many others and maybe take a minute (I hope) and cast a vote. There are pri$es involved. Yummy.

SO Here I am and suddenly my font has changed. I do like this one but I didn't change it to my knowledge anyway. I am putting my face out there. This could not be more current. I feel like I have the face I deserve. You decide what that means.

My font changing must have something to do with the link I've posted below. It is an interview that I did on this site That's it. Ok. That's fascinating. Right.

I am on coat two of primer on my 16"x20" panels. I don't have any paintings that I feel like posting although I do have to photograph my work. I need to have some printing done of paintings before the May show. I am thinking of a sheet that folded will be postcard size, 4"x6" one sheet folde in half vertically and the horizontally to make the 4x6. Evidently He is capable of shrinking my large square paintings to scale. Which is needless to say a huge concern of mine. And yours I'll bet.

By the way if you go to this site and vote on my blog or anyone else's for that matter. we have the chance of winning $omething. So there you go. Nice hanging out with you. How crazy that I write this thing and don't really involve you. That makes it a bit more interesting to me actually.

I was just listening to this radio show, called Your Music or something like that. You know the one, where the celebrity picks and plays there choice for an hour. Some of those shows are award winning this one was irritating. Although great musical choices. This guy Jim from Carolina who thinks music after 1970 is horrible across the board and "things" all around are degenerate and I don't know what He was saying really..well you get the point. He sounded so gay and at least then He could have been excused for being really camp but I think He is straight. The thick accent sounds really gay. Jim Villas. Meanwhile He is ending the show with Annie Lennox singing Cole Porter "Everytime We Say Goodbye" He must be a queen because He is as opinionated as I am and I contradict myself daily. Sometimes in ways that are really redundant but what am I going to do? I need to laugh much more.

Good news. Tonight is Friday Night Soul with Eddy German. Trust me it will be memorable. He began with that classic, "I Just Want To Be What You Want Me To Be" real Funk.

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