Saturday, April 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Barbra!!! Wishing you many more.

Hello. So this is Barbra's 68th birthday. It does not seem possible as of course we are all getting older together and I certainly never thought I would be this age. That is so rude of you to ask almost as rude as me posting Bab's age. That's the price of celebrity I guess, annoying fans like me reminding you that you are old....but still fabulous.

My mother took me to see the movie "Funny Girl" when it was released in 1969, I think. Anyway, I did not know that I was a Barbra fan at that point. I didn't know that I was gay, well I didn't have words for it anyway. I certainly knew that I was "different" Anyway, whether she (my mother, a great lady) knew it or not she opened my eyes to a woman that really gave me something to believe in. She was the ugly duckling who became a swan through her voice and odd, beautiful looks. I saw that different was okay as a matter of fact it could be great. I don't think I made such a clear association then but certainly over time. Call Her what you will but she has given 100% and will get the respect she deserves in time.

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  1. You've just inspired me to spend this afternoon watching Funny Girl for the first time..instead of the Bergman movie i had lined up.