Monday, April 26, 2010

Greetings People

Hello, What do you know my old "times" font is back. Hmmm, watch it Big Brother, I'm watching you. So today is Monday and I have taken care of a few things related to business and soon I will be able to hang out in the studio for the duration of the afternoon and evening.

I have been thinking about my posts of late and think that I have again managed to talk about many other things that are not art related. In one sense they are related because it is talk about me and I feel that I am my art and my art is me so there you are. But in general I would like to keep it a bit more focused on the creative process.

I have nearly finished prepping my boards for my new work which I am totally excited about. They are smooth and beautiful and I love when that happens.

Saturday afternoon was the opening for the Guild Hall Member's Show and it was a nice afternoon. There were approximately 300 artists each represented by the painting of their choice. I made a bad decision I feel in retrospect. Next year I will give the show a lot of consideration and submit something that I am very happy with. My decision this year was like last year rushed and not really thought out. If I don't give it my all than why should I expect something great back.

There was a paragraph here that I deleted and I am very happy I did. Sometimes one really needs to edit. Maybe I need to start another blog under an alias. GENIUS!!! The light bulb just went off. Then I can swear, do and say anything I want without fear of negative reflection on me or my character. What a laugh.

I guess some people never know you. Maybe people need to be thanked all the time for things they do..............Maybe I need to be more mindful, thankful and gracious.

That's it...the one that is the most selfless.

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