Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hey all of you out there.

Hello. It seems like ever since I put my adult content warning on my blog I've cleaned up my language. It's not fair. That's all I'll say. It is a beautiful day in NYC and my plan is to get out and see some art. Other people's art for a change.

I love this site and what they do for me, and also, http://aaeh.org/Mark_Perry.html Dylan Hayden is responsible for this site, and making me look good. He is a great guy to work with.

This image is from a group of monochromatic oil on canvas paintings that I made all about 9"x12" back in 2004 -5?? There is about ten in the group, they are very slick and I love them.

I really dig this ambient music though. It suddenly got very active, now quiet again. Sounds like a distant train. It's very trippy. How's that dig and trippy in one post. Now it's like a jungle with crickets and birds and every thing you would not want to be around, it's even raining and it feels hot, fabulous sound effects. It's called "Deadbeat - Habitat For Heavy Hearts" on the Drone Zone from SomaFM, iTunes

It's nearly one am and I am sipping coffee. That's one for me. I have to listen to some news and that requires a sobering cup of coffee. You see it does not keep me up, so far and there is nothing like it.

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