Wednesday, March 3, 2010

just saw the brucennial downtown version of whitney biennial

PROFANITY WARNING - YOU MAY WANT TO STOP HERE... I say the word "fuck" in this post.

Hello. I think that is an accurate description of the show. For me it is anyway. It was adventurous and didn't give a shit. It actually did give a shit literally that might have been the theme. Oh wait a minute the theme is mis-education?? I think.

Seeing this work made me question why I do not make message paintings. I could very easily with the work that I am doing and I guess if that is what it is to be it will be. There is an angry or humorous side of me which could make that kind of work, I think anyway but there is also a side that places serious picture making as the goal. By that "I" mean the painting is not political it is safe and may bring up emotion with color and composition but not there to help anyone else but itself. Just a painting. The arrogance. To make something decorative on a blank surface and by doing so saying out loud that I am talented and feel so good about it (or it's the only thing that I am good at) that I will. It's sole objection to be worthy and provide euphoria for the creator and then hopefully someone else later.

I saw Bob Coke-Cola sp. Bob Colacello at a show today we made eye contact for a brief second and He knew His secret was safe with me. Well I guess not anymore. Warhol kidded Bob and said something like Hey Bob you should go by the name Bob Coke-Cola or Bob Cola. I guess more than once which seems so funny and annoying but fucking superior. Oops that's why I have a warning home-page

I also stopped in on "The Broken Kilometer" and it was every bit as amazing as the first time. I want to go to "The Earth Room" I have to take John. Dia Art Foundation - Walter De Maria: The New York Earth Room Dia Art Foundation - Walter De Maria: The Broken Kilometer

I loved it because there seemed to be no limits. Evidently the artists just showed up and put there work up and wrote their names on the wall in pencil. Schnabel, Salle and many others. The show was produced?? by Vito Schnabel There were names that I was hoping to see but didn't. Oh well.

So. I will be leaving my apartment for a month, I still have things to do but it is in good shape. A lot like me in good shape but still have lots to do.

Someone is playing "Killing Me Softly With His Song" on the sax I think and rather nicely.

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